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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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battle ground, virginia. >> president obama and mitt romney keeping their eyes on the commonwealth prize as the key win in the race for the white house and both contenders are making a big push right now to sway virginia voter their way. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is 6:00 on this friday, may 4th, 2012. happy friday, everyone. happy friday eve -- or no, not happy friday. we're on the eve of cinco de
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mayo. that is what i meant to say. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. welcome back. tucker barnes is here to talk about the weather. >> today, wfer a chance of storms and some could be on the strong side later this afternoon. got to be ready for it. you know we are talking windy conditions and potential for some cloud-to-ground lightning being maybe some hail, that cieched thing. -- today, we have a chance of storms and some could be on the strong side later this afternoon. , maybe some hail, that kind of thing. during the evening hours last night, we had some storms. >> i didn't see anything. or i slept right through it. >> woke me up at about 11:30. >> i thought i heard something outside. >> did you? >> i don't know what it was. could have been just dreaming. >> those have rolled off to the
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south and are currently out to sea. notice up towards detroit and cleveland, the rain showers and thunderstorms, that is the actual front that will be working into the area later today. we have a mechanism to give us the thunderstorm activity and we'll just have to see how strong they get later today. temperature right now at reagan national, 66 degrees. we are warm and muggy, humidity, 87%. wind are light out of the south and west at eight miles per hour. it will be a very humid day today. just kind of warm out there. highs in the mid-80s. just look out for the possibility of a late-day storm. otherwise, warm and muggy for your friday. >> let's talk with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> that was funny. >> did you hear that? >> muggy. >> that is why you got to have a pool. >> i know. running through the sprinkler just doesn't do it. >> but the neighbors get a good laugh. >> oh, yes, they would. >> all right. here we go on the roads right now. it is getting busy out here.
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we do have a little bit of fog settling in. northbound on edmond son, north of cherry rain, multiple vehicle accident there. on the inner load of after the beltway at the baltimore- washington parkway, we had the crash in the cite lane. that has been moved over to the shoulder. traveling southbound along 270, lanes are open. no problems to report leaving hyattstown. volume increasing as you work your way out towards the truck scales. lanes are open germantown headed out toward the split. we have tea lays northbound i- 59 leaving newington north of 7100 continuing up toward the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. election day is six months from tomorrow and virginia is a debattleground state. >> mitt romney picked up the endorsement of tea party favorite congresswoman michelle bachmann at a stop in the commonwealth yesterday. president obama makes a stop at a school in northern virginia
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later this morning. sherry ly live with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president will be speaking to students here at washington lee high school. it is not an official campaign event but it does signal how important virginia is in the general election come november. the president is hoping to take virginia again after winning the state in 2008. he is leading the presumed gop nominee, mitt romney n polls here. today, the president will be speaking to those high school students in arlington talking about the need for affordable college education and keeping those federal student loan interest rates down. the commonwealth is a key battleground state in november. it is a state that romney knows is important too. yes, the former massachusetts governor met with virginia governor mob mcdonnell to talk about energy and the economy while also picking the endorsement of former rival michelle bachmann.
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>> right now, we have a surplus in washington. yes, that is true, a surplus everett rick and a deficit of results. that is what we have in washington, d.c. right now. >> what a privilege it is to have their endorsement. now, politics is under way. it is under way again. are going to hear it all right here in virginia. this may well be the state that decides who the next president is. >> reporter: and while romney may be trailing in the polls there, it is a long way until we get to november. today's event at washington lee is closed to the public. the president will be talking with juniors and seniors here as well as their parents in a round table discussion first. then, he will address the entire junior and senior class right around noon. tomorrow, that is the big day when it comes to the campaign as far as the president is concerned. he will head to richmond to officially kick off his re- election campaign.
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that is the latest here in arlington. back to you. >> thank you. checking our other top stories this morning, police are investigating a shooting inside an ellicott city church. two women were found yesterday evening at st. peter's episcopal church some howard county. one of the victims was killed. the other is in critical condition. police say they found the suspected gunman's body near the scene with what and to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. former d.c. council member harry thomas, jr. is sentenced to 38 months for stealing city funds meant for d.c.'s youth. harry thomas, jr. had nothing to say to reporter as he left the federal courthouse in the district yesterday. inside, told judge john bates that he had hue -- humiliated his family and his community. a prince william county elementary school principal is under arrest. jenny debarmont is accused of embezzling more than $#,000
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using a school issued credit card. she is currently on administrative leave -- $8,000 using a school issued credit card. new details involving a drug bust of a dentist. dr.karmand was arrested at his home yesterday accused of trying to deal crystal meth. police told the court they found $11,000 worth of crystal meth and seven ounces of ghb in the doctor's home. he is being charged with possession with intent to sell. coming up next, he is charged with nearly 3,000 counts of murder. tomorrow, self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9-11 attacks will be in court. >> first, the final words of osama bin laden. what his writing reveal about the new plan to share his message of terror. 
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doe classified documents revealing new details about the final days of osama bin laden. the writings were seized during the raid that ended with the
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death of the terrorist leader and are now available for the public to read online. it includes complaint that al- qaeda wasn't given credit for america's economic downturn and a message from bin laden's spokesman suggested sending videos of bin laden's statements to u.s. news networks with the exception of fox news. the spoke man said it quote, lacks neutrality. khalid sheik mohammed and four co-conspirators will be arraigned in cuba. the five men face 3,000 murders. according to the 9-11 commission report, he brought the idea of using planes as weapons to bin laden. the actual trial will not take place for at least another year. the latest jobs report is due out today and signs about where the economy is heading are mixed. stores say sales dipped in april but the number of people applying for unemployment has
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dropped. we'll go live to fox business network in new york for more on all of this later on this morning in the business beat. e big games tomorrow for the caps and the nats. we'll tell you what metro is doing to handle the crush of crowds that is expected from that coming up next. >> it will be big. first, we're checking in to see if the weather will cooperate with your weekend plans. tucker has the fall forecast coming up next. what's the best gift you can give mom ? a powerful connection.
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a reminder about our special fox 5 weather day with the washington nats coming up on may 15th. tucker, tony and sue palka as well as some other special guests will be at the ballpark that morning with thousand of school kids from across the region. the kids will see a special weather presentation. we get to see that every day. we're so thatchingful for that. they stay for the game. it is not too late for your school to take part in this. -- we're so thankful for that.
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you can learn more by going to and click on the morning tab. >> if you are heading down there for the game later o keep in mind, you might want to take your rain jacket. >> we're ready a few rain showers. we don't know where they're going to be but you just never know. >> we know they'll be somewhere across the area. we've got to keep an eye out for it. our presentation, we'll be presenting before the game at 1:00. our presenting a is about 9:45 in the morning. we encourage everybody to come down. >> it will be a show. >> we'll be on the jumbotron. >> this is a big production you got going on. >> i like to thi we'll keep our fingers crossed the weather cooperates. as far as today, your weather will cooperate most of the day. as you get into the late afternoon, early evening hours, we republican the risk of these thunderstorms moving in from the north and west. we a got a cold front so we've got a change in air mass.
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that is usually a trigger mechanism for storms. we've got some showers in the forecast. i know it is a little early. lets he get to it and take a look at what we've got going right now. we did have some showers and storms move through last night. those have pushed off the lower eastern shore. we are quiet at the moment although, if you've got a wide screen here, you may be able to ewe've got a few more storms out into west virginia. we'll have to keep appear eye on these storms over the next couple of hours. i don't think we'll make it across the mountains. we are relatively quiet and we'll be looking at partial sunshine to start your morning. by later this afternoon, we have another cold front and then can you kind see it here. it is underneath the banner just north of cleveland, some shower activity. that will fade down here to the south and east during the course of the day. and, as that cooler and drier air moves in, we'll get enough lift that we could see showers and thunderstorms redevelop later this afternoon. the risk is we could get some pretty strong storms so we have to look out for that as we get
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into late afternoon, early evening hours. here comes your cold front. it will deliver a beautiful weekend around here particularly during the day on sunday. but that transition later this afternoon and tonight could kick off some storms. during the day tomorrow, i think we'll have less humidity, slightly cooler temperatures with just an isolated thunderstorm for your day on saturday and then sunday looks great with temperatures in the mid 70s and noticeably less humidity than what you will be look at today. currently, we're mild. check it out. 66degrees. that is not bad. 62348 quantico. 66 in fredericksburg. baltimore, 06 degrees. a very mild start to your day. going to be almost hot this afternoon. mid-80s here in the city. i think we'll be close to 90 in central virginia. # 4 today. partly sunny skies. -- 84 today. an early shower and/or a storm tonight. 66 your overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, 82 degrees. isolated shower back in the forecast. we take out the risk on sunday and monday. both days look great with
6:19 am
temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. could be another storm for your day on tuesday. >> that is a look at the forecast. let's toss it to julie wright. we celebrating cinco de mayo early? >> how early is early? >> like right now. >> well, what is in your cup of coffee. >> i'm not telling. >> you're too reserved to have anything but cream and suge aarrest in yours. let the shenanigans begin, tucker barnes. coming in out of germantown headed toward the lane divide, this is the top stretch which is starting to slow south of 109 headed out to the truck scales. we do have accident activity. it was on the inner loop of the bw parkway. that has cleared. the accident closeed a portion of edmondston between cherrywood and sunny side. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. monitoring metro this morning, the caps and the nat
6:20 am
both playing some big games tomorrow. so if you plan to take metro, give yourself some extra time to get there. track work will slow down service on the red, green, blue and orange lines. metro is planning to run extra trains off the game at gallery place in any ofy yard and extra staff will object hand to help with crowd control -- will object hand to help with crowd control after the game. >> we'll go live to fox business network in new york. facebook puts a price tag on its shares so will you be able to grab a slice? >> i wish. it would be worth a lot. no bones about it. it is one of the coolest exhibits in town. and the dinosaur hall will get a new look with the museum's largest and most complex rep vision to date paid for by a $35 million donation made by david h. koch it is the largest single donation the museum has
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new details coming in about the price tag attached to facebook's ipo. first, let's get a look at the markets. robert gray with fox business network is live in new york with the business beat. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this. the jobs report is coming out today. what are investors expect something. >> we are kind of in a holding pattern until that report due out in two hours and six minutes time from right now. hooking for a gain of 170,000 jobs for the economy last month. watch to see if there were any revisions to the march number. it was just 120,000. that was a very disappointing number. a lot of investors i've been speaking with and strategists are saying this is very key. they don't want to see two
6:25 am
disappointments in a row. >> let's talk about facebook. their ipo is getting ready to come out. investors will soon be able to friend them. will they like the terms? >> yeah, that is in question. they did update the status late yesterday and saying they will sell the shares between $28 and $35 apiece. they are looking to raise almost $12 billion. it dwarfs google which raised just $2 billion in 2004, the same year facebook was founded t will value facebook at $96 billion. some ipo straft james lee witts say they could see that raised if there is enough demand. next week, they will go on the road. -- some ipo strategists say they could see that raised if there is enough demand. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you too. still ahead, a super man into the skies this weekend.
6:26 am
we are talking -- a super moon in the skies this weekend. we are talking about the big event in this morning's ask the weather guys. >> president obama and mitt romney focusing their campaigns today. we'll take a look at where both side stand in a new poll. we'll be right back. ñ
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good morning to you &&. >> is that fog? >> a little mist. >> i'm always concerned when we turn the camera and it looks kind of hazy. >> that is the cathedral there, right? yes, can i tell that much. >> still under repair of the earthquake. >> i know. >> all right. what's it going to look like today? >> it will be partly sunny and
6:30 am
later today, we run the risk of thunderstorms. warm, humid. >> those pop-ups that just come up anywhere? >> it will be better organized than that. it won't be on't be raining all day. we had some thunderstorms last night. >> i heard from you guys. but i had no idea. >> that is the story. parts of the area had them last night. right now, we are generally quiet. if after goat a wide screen, you can see out to the west, we've got a pretty good thunderstorm complex. not thinking that will make it over the mountains but later today, a cold front will approach from the north and west. as just mentioned will likely kick off a round of showers and thunderstorms around here. some of those could be on the strong side later today. we are warm, humid, very mild conditions. 06 right now at bw incident marshall. 66 in wash at reagan national. our highs later today, get ready for a warm one into the 80s. here is your school bus
6:31 am
forecast as the kid -- or bus stop forecast. i can never seem to get that one right. -- 60 right now at bwi marshall. >> you might want to put the shorts on because it will be warm later. >> shorts and an umbrella. great ask weather guy. we have a special guest from the "washington post" and we'll talk super moon. >> it will be pretty. >> speaking of pretty, julie wright, how you doing? >> again, he brings the -- we didn't have any good music today. what happened to our music. >> we're running tight on time. they tell me to shut it up and keep it moving. >> yeah, but who's they. sorry. liz, our producer, is going to yell at me now. heavy and steady as you work your way out toward the truck scales. the lanes are open. you will find delays in virginia northbound along i-59 as you continue to make your way between newington and the
6:32 am
beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. to politics now, mitt rome know makes an appearance with virginia's governor and it is fueling speculation that bob mcdonnell could be picked as romney's running mate. >> romney also got the endorsement of a former gop rival and there is a new poll that favors president obama in the commonwealth. he campaigns this morning in arlington and sherry ly is there now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is not officially a campaign event. the president doesn't kick off his re-election bid until tomorrow. but president barack obama is making his case on the student loan debate by speaking with students here at washington lee high school later this morning. and while technically not a campaign event, as i mentioned, it is an opportunity for him to score point here in virginia which is a key battleground state. the president took virginia in 2008 and the changing political environment has made this a swing state n arlington, the president will talk with those
6:33 am
high school junior and seniors about the need to keep those federal student loan interest rates down so they will have an opportunity at an affordable college education. he doesn't kick off his re-ehex bid until foam with a stop in virginia. meanwhile-- until tomorrow way stop in virginia. meanwhile, mitt romney is taking his campaign to the commonwealth. he is getting high profile help. michelle bachmann, a tea party favorite, endorsed ronnel knee yesterday and he got a boost in an appearance with virginia governor bob mcdonnell who has been mentioned as a possible running mate. they were talking about energy and the economy, both major issues in this campaign. >> he's got a plan. he will be a tremendous heed fore our country, a great commander in chief for the men and women in uniform. >> i am delighted to be flanked by your governor. what i phenomenal leader he is. and congresswoman michelle bachmann, what a powerful leader in our party she is.
6:34 am
what i privilege it is to have their endorsements. -- what a privilege it is to have their endorsements. >> reporter: here is how things are going to go down this morning. the president will be speaking with some juniors and seniors and their parents in a round table discussion along with the secretary of education. they will be talking about the student loan issues and interest rates and then the president will address the entire junior and senior classes here. unfortunately, folks, this is not open to the public. that is the latest in arlington. back to you. >> thank you very much. there is developing news from china today regarding that diplomatic standoff over blind chinese activist chen guangcheng. china says he can aemploy to study abroad. this move is seen as the most positive response so far from the chinese government since chen escaped house arrest last week. now, secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to address the issue in beijing chen has stayed at the u.s. embassy for sick days before
6:35 am
leaving u.s. protection to be reunited with his family. now, a group in the u.s. working on chen's case told a congressional committee that he did not leave the embassy willingly. >> the u.s. officials -- it was after learning of the threat that chen was left with no choice but to reluctantly leave the u.s. embassy. >> chen actually called into the congressional hearing on a cell phone. he expressed hope he would be able to talk with secretary of the state hillary clinton. chen temperatures the associated press he has spoken with american officials by phone today but the calls keep getting cut off. herry thomas jr. is going to prison for more than three years. he was sentenced in federal
6:36 am
court yesterday for stealing more than $3 other,000 in city funds. prosecutors actually wanted almost four years but his lawyers asked the judge to only give him 1 months. tragedy strike inside a church in howard county. police say they found two women shot yesterday evening inside the st. peter's episcopal church some ellicott city. one victim died from her wounds and another remains in critical condition. police are still trying to figure out the relationship between the three people involved. i newborn is in the hospital after being attacked by the family dog. police say the family's jack russell terrier bit the baby more than 30 times last night. a family member found the dog attacking the infant and called an ambulance. before police arrived, the baby's father put down the dog. at last word, the baby was in stable condition. a virginia mother will spend more time in jail for using drywall to barricade her three young daughters into a room. a judge sentenced christina moore to nine years in prison
6:37 am
and suspended all but 18 months. the girls including and 18- month-old were found barricaded in a room last march. defense lawyers say they were dealing with drug addiction. coming up next, round one. the summer blockbusters hits the theaters this weekend. i had a chance to speak with kevin mccarthy to get his take on the avengers. >> later this morning, jane seymour joins us live. she and her son are working together on a new art and photographery exhibit making stops in our area this weekend. we'll hear more about the heart that went into all the works. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more
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comic book nerds rejoice.
6:41 am
thor, the hulk, captain america and iron man coming together to save the world from an alien invasion in the avengers. the blockbusters kicking off the summer movie season and wisdom is getting ready to go see it. >> i talked with kevin mccarthy for his take. the world's greatest superheroes coming together to save the world, the avengers finally hits the big screen and kevin is here to talk about it. >> how you doing? >> i'm excite about this one. >> i know you are a geek like me. we are both nerds. >> i love this. i read this stuff coming up as a kid. is day big deal? >> josh weeden is in the district air's chair and who better to be there than a nerd. he is one of the nerdiest guys on the planet. you can feel that passion coming through the screen because you want that. you want somebody who is passionate about the material he is tealing with. bringing all the characters
6:42 am
together a huge deal. all of the films, thor, captain america, iron man rob huge successes making well over $300 million worldwide apiece. even iron man is over $600 million worldwide at the box office. having these guys come together is a huge deal. they have to save the world, the bad guys coming out. they have to assemble all of the avengers basically to stop them from ending the world. >> with all of these characters, sometimes it is tarred to make a good blot. does that work in this movie. >> here is the problem. there is a lot of great action but the plot line is way too convoluted. they try to do too much with the characters, specifically black widow and hawkeye played by jeremy renner. those caches are nowhere near the level of an iron man, thor, hulk, captain america. >> the big superstars. >> so when they cut to those
6:43 am
scenes, i'm just like i don't care. stop giving us back story on black widow. i don't care. >> they will cut to the iron man or hulk action scene and they cut to jeremy renner doing arrow shooting. i'm not saying arrow shooting is bad. it doesn't feel like a superhero power. >> they have created some of the most epic action i've ever seen in a film. there is one 10-second shot in this movie that is worth the entire price of admission. a 10-second shot. there is also another 30-second continuous shot of action which i love. this is really hulk's movie. i feel like it should have been called the hulk. mark ruffolo was born to play this role he pummels edward norton and he pummels lou ferrigno. i was so shocked because he plays the character with such subtlety and such an epic
6:44 am
nature, you want to hug the guy. >> you want to hug the hulk. >> that is how great he is. he is so awesome on screen. he has this emotional side to him. i loved mark ruffolo. the action is absolutely incredible. >> the 3-d business, they redid it in 3-d? >> i will give a i theater specific to this area. there is a theater in tyson's corner, an amc. you can see it in need, 3-d imax or 2-d2-d is $12. 3-d is $16. imax need is $18. the movie was not shot in 3-d or imax. they converted it to imax using the same company who did toichg. i think the con versionings very solid. i would go for the three ticket but skip the imax. they did not shoot the movie in imax. it will not take the full screen. so be careful with that. save your money. go with the 3-d. you will not be disappointed if you go to the 2-d avengers.
6:45 am
>> so apparently the aavengers is only thing out this weekend. >> that is the biggest thing. >> i have never seen anybody talk about the hulk being subtle. >> before he turns into the hulk. >> the way he talked about the superheroes was very intense, analyzed it, scrutinized it from every angle. >> i think kevin should be a superhero. we have to figure out what he might be. >> special k. >> what? >> all right. i think we got to work on that a little bit. >> we'll work on it. >> we have a decent looking forecast. it will be warm and humid today. possibility of strong storms later this afternoon so we got to look out for those as we get into mid- to late afternoon time periods. the cold front will be approaching from the north and west. there is your sentinel radar. we are generally quiet at the moment although we have some pretty good storms that rolled through last night. off to the west, we've got another pack of storms out into west virginia out towards
6:46 am
elkins. i don't think most of these will make it across the mountains. i'll open for you a little bit. here is your cold front. you can't see it that well. it is off underneath the banner there. it will be moving to the south and east during the course of your day today. we'll start the day with partial sunshine. we'll be very warm, humid today with temperatures in the mid- 80s. we have to look out as we get the change in air mass for the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms a little later this afternoon. up head of, it we'll be nice and warm. officially, we are already under a slight risk for severe weather. the concern here is very gusty winds with any thunderstorms that develop and the possibility of a little hail, maybe some cloud-to-ground lightning. the time frame of this will be later this afternoon as that frontal system starts to kind of work on in here from the north and west. mild start to your day. 64 in town. 63 the winning number in
6:47 am
manassas and out at dulles. i think tomorrow will feel better. less humidity, 82. just an isolated shower or storm tomorrow. sunday looks fantastic, monday looks great with temperatures in the 70s and low huge. forecast get better and better from here. we need some rain but we don't want severe weather. >> summertime. all right, tucker barnes. thank you very much. good morning. i'm tony perkins. i'm here so you know what that means? other people aring to it? it is time to ask the weather guys. the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. sometimes our heads are not big enough. we have to call in an expert head. we've been getting this question a lot this week. lots of people want to know what is up with this weekend's super moon. >> super moon. >> super moon. >> we brought in jason samonow
6:48 am
to talk with us. there you are. >> good morning. >> great to meet you. >> likewise. >> we read you so it is good to put a face with the writing. the super moon, big deal, it happens every year. >> that's right. >> so this year, it happens tomorrow night. explain to everybody what the super moon is. >> the super moon occurs when the moon makes its closest approach to earth in its orbit at the same time when it is becoming full. so this happened last year on march 19th. it is actually one of of the biggest super moons in many years. this year, on cinco de mayo. it is about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than some moons. it will be coming up about 7:5 #en. >> how close will the moon get to planet earth? >> it will be about 27,000 miles closer than the moon get when the moon is at its apogee
6:49 am
which is when it is farthest away from us. >> it is aan elliptical cycle were that is why there are times when it is closer than it is at other times. >> that's right. hat's right. so it is an oval shape and we'll be right at the time when it is coming full. >> the best time to see it is sometimes when it is rising and setting because that is when it appears to be biggest. >> that's right. it is an optical illusion. yes, it will appear most prominent when it is rising just above the horizon, right around moonrise when the sun is going down. so you will definitely want to take a look at it then. it actually appears even bigger if there is some object in the foreground like a house, a building, some trees so you can get some cool shots.
6:50 am
with your camera, want to have your digital phones. >> because it gives you perspective. >> if there is a house there and you can see just how big it is. >> it rises about 7:55. >> that's right. >> so the two times to remember -- i mean all during the night, it will be impressive. when the moon rises and it rises in the east, you want to look to the east. the moon rise will be impressive. at 11:34-rbgs that is when it will be -- >> full. >> full and a minute later, that is when it will be at mitts maximum brightness. >> that's right. the other thing to take note of is when it is coming up, there may be some more color to it because the light has to pass through more of the atmosphere so you might get some more yellows and oranges. >> tomorrow, what is the chance of thunderstorm activity? >> i think we are alook good tomorrow. i think this will be fantastic. >> let me ask you this. here is my recollection of last
6:51 am
year. in my recollection, it was rather advertise appointing. are we going to see something like that? >> it should be. >> depending on your perspective and where you are looking at it from. there is a chance it will be pretty spectacular. i guess for some people, they were underwhelmed last year but it will be a similar situation. so if you were underwhelmed last year, you might be underwhelmed again. we'll so how it goes. >> i lot of people talk about a bad moon rising and all sorts of crazy things happening. is it just a quince dense that it's full moon or do actually bad things and crazy things happen? >> there is some middle age folklore that the full moon causes people to go nuts and even modern day folklore that there are increases in hospitalizations and crime rates. >> babies being born. >> the term lunacy. >> that's right. it is from the term latin for moon. >> there is no scientific he had that the moon causes any abnormal behavior of i any sort
6:52 am
or for that matter, natural catastrophes and there are some who believe that -- >> how about too many margaritas for cinco de mayo. >> crazy night, saturday night, cinco de mayo, super moon. >> we might have to have extra news crews tomorrow about midnight. thank you for coming in to talk about it. >> you bet. >> it is an exciting event. we all look forward to it. we'll review it monday morning and see how it went. >> sounds good. if you've got a question that you want answered and we thank everybody for writing in about that, just go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on air. a quick reminder about our special fox 5 weather day with the nationals. it is coming up soon. may 15th is a tuesday. we'll give a weather presentation before the big baseball game. our presentation starts at
6:53 am
9:45. come join us. we are giving a free presentation. >> let's go to julie wright. >> so saturday night, cinco de mayo and the super moon and thins could get a little crazy. >> oh, yeah. >> that means you'll be in bed by 9:00. >> julie, you will be on house arrest tomorrow night. can you not leave your home. >> you know where the party is then. come on over folks. the blender is already plugged into the wall. we're ready to go. outer loop of the beltway, no problems reported leaving university boulevard headed over towards 270-6789 nice, easy ride there. if you are traveling north of the beltway, accident activity 29 at new hampshire avenue with fire and rescue headed in that direction. also on the beltway inner loop, they were checking for a crash near kenilworth avenue. we'll keep you posted with what they find if anything in our next report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> celebrating cinco de mayo.
6:54 am
i haven't talked for the past five minutes, i've got a problem. you want to celebrate that in style. holly is live at national harbor with more on a fun event that will give you access to wines from around the world and of in our area's best food all in one place. it will be fun. we'll be right back. ight back.
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6:57 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm hol hol. happy friday. i am on the water front. take a look at this setting. we're live at national harbor this morning. you can enjoy this setting too, if you come out this weekend where they are hosting the fifth annual food and wine festival. this is the largest wine festival in the d.c. met row area. our goal this morning is to give you a preview. we already have the grill fired up.
6:58 am
we're going to talk about brisket and other things being offered. might be margarita cupcakes, who knows? we're being entertained this morning. they're going to have live entertainment this weekend. we'll give you all the information so you can come out, it is saturday and sunday. since it is a wine festival, we are going to talk about the wine industry. how is the wine industry in virginia and maryland and in our region and beyond? it's going to be a beautiful friday morning, leading into hopefully an exceptional weekend. back to you in the studio. >> wine and food -- >> you're speaking my language. >> don't forget about the guitar. language of love. >> i know. thanks holly. time to say good morning to our facebook fans of the day. we said fans, because day darlene and 10 e are getting married. >> yea!
6:59 am
>> they've been counting down every day the past week and a half. darlene posted they both love the fox 5 morning team. congratulations and best wishes to both of you. if you'd like to be monday's fan of the day, go to our fan page and post comments below darlene and tony's picture. >> congratulations, guys. >> language of love. that's it for the 6:00 hour. >> playing air guitar over here. let's go to tony and allison before we get out of control. >> it's that mood thing, it's making me crazy. thank you so much. coming up, sadly, tragedy at a maryland church. two women found shot inside. what police are saying about the suspected gunman and neighbors' reaction to this shocking discovery. it's coming up straight ahead. >> saddle brown, virginia, as the campaign trail heats up, the commonwealth is becoming key to who wins


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